Welcome to the Jungle – or rather, my blog

Welcome post stuff thingy.


Hello there, weary traveler, and welcome to my humble blog!

Not sure how you stubled upon me, but doesn’t matter. What you’ll find here is mainly a motivation for myself to finally play through all the games I have collected on Steam throughout the years. What I shall do is finish the game (if I can, that is) and then give a short opinion or review kinda thing about it here.

Now why do I need a blog for all that? Well, since I am a terrible game hoarder, I managed to collect about 250 games throughout the years while only playing through about… 20 at most. I vowed not to buy any other games till I finish playing at least 50% of these, which I already broke while pre-ordering Mass Effect: Andromeda. ME BAD! PRE-ORDERING BAD! But hey, at least I don’t do early access… yay…

Anyways, so this is mostly what this blog will be about and a few other things, like anime, wines, music, beer and whatever other things I happen to consume in the meantime.

Hope you will enjoy your stay and be at least a tiny bit entertained by all my random ramblings!


P.S.: Look at the beautiful weather we had a few days ago. The picture was taken by me around 10 am in broad daylight. No, there are no filters on it, that is the fog we had. Crazy.


Author: Empress Slagathor

I'm something of a geek, full-time worker, part-time majoring in IT. My blog is something of an outlet, partly to practice writing, partly to share my thoughts with the world.

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