I’ve Raised a Psychopath – Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes

This was a rather bizarre adventure. Or should I say, point and click adventure? It is made by the German company called Daedalic Entertainment who are responsible for other titles like Deponia and The Whispered World (and those are in my library too). I would guess since this is not the only title I have from these guys, I might have gotten a bundle of these games at some point, still this was the 1st one I have played through so far. The perfect start for my little project.

The game was kinda entertaining. The beginning shocked me like crazy, since I was expecting a light hearted, cartoonish, kiddy flick while I got a pretty gruesome piece filled with the darkest humor known to humankind. This gave a really big boost for me in the beginning, but my interest slowly faded as it just simply got… well, boring after a while. The puzzles stopped being interesting and the only thing I still kept looking forward were the minigames.

I do have to mention that I am not the greatest living fan of point and click games, but I did play a lot of them and even if this is not my nr. 1 genre of choice, a good game will be a good game, no matter the type. And this one, I felt it fell flat after a while.

I have to add, that this was the 2nd episode of the game and I have not played the 1st one. Go figure, for some reason that was not in the bundle. This might be while I felt a bit unimpressed when some characters turned up during the game, expecting an applaus and the usual “oooh” from a fan. The game relied quite often on that, especially in the end, which again, didn’t do it for me.

So who would I recommend this to? Definitely people who have played the previous installment and loved it. I think you guys would have way more fun with this than I had.

Playtime: ca. 7 hours

Steam page


Author: Empress Slagathor

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