Pixel Adventure – Bit Dungeon II

I have to say, this game was lots of fun! Nothing like a good old pixel game to raise your spirit after a dissapointing AAA title – looking at you there Mass Effect: Andromeda. Now that my term at university started, I will have less time to complete that game and review it, but I will get there sometime. Oh, we will definitely get there. In the meantime, here is this cute little game called Bit Dungeon II.

This game was developed by KintoGames who made this game for android as well. Mind you, I’ve played it on PC, so I can only talk about my experiences there. It had a prequel which was supposidly flash based and it came out as a PC version as well on steam, but according to reviewers, it failed tragically. This game however, is incredibly fun!

Don’t expect anything too complex tho. I can sum up the story in one sentence: You are in a world of monsters and will take your loved one’s soul back to her grave which was desecrated apparently. You get one life, which if you lose, have one chance retrieving. If you fail, you die and have to start again. This can get a bit frustrating at times, since you cannot save at all and lose all progress in case that happens. But anyone who has played Mario on SNES can relate to that and trust me, starting from scratch here is not nearly as frustrating. Besides, you get to keep you money at least if you had any.

During the game, you have to beat six dungeons to get to the “underworld” or what and then one last dungeon there and all in all if you map everything out at the very beginning, the game can be completed in a few hours, maybe 2-3 at most. I’ve played a bit more random, but in the end, ended up drawing a map for myself as well. Loot is totally random and you level up according to the stats your weapon prefers. Also, you cannot heal yourself, unless you find a little fireplace or you kill the purple puppies in the dungeons, those drop some healing items. Otherwise, nope, no healing.

The game leaves a lot to imagination as I saw myself as the brave adventurer who is fighting all kinds of terrors on his noble quest. There are also nice bosses, so you also got that going for you. Not to mention the weapons and armor all make you look really cool – or really silly. My dude ended up wearing a purple pointy hat, had a massive purple shield and axe while wearing green armor and yellow shoes. Oh and a purple cape, don’t forget that. But once I even had a yellow ox helmet. I think this was the part in the game I enjoyed the most.

My only problem was that the “battle” system is a bit… Well, you just basically throw yourself at the enemy, depending on what kind of weapon you have. And you also press “space”. A lot. Which can get you into unpleasant situations, since “space” is also used to pick up weapons. Not once did it happen to me that while running around in a wild craze, instead of the epic weapon I had, I picked up some crap on the way and there is no way you can go back for what you’ve lost. So yeah. That part sucks.

Also you need to grind a lot if you want to be strong enough to finish of the bosses and not die repeatedly. Then again, if you want to see all that there is, then leveling won’t be an issue at all.

In any case, I would recommend this game to fans of indie and old school games. It’s not much but for the price it sells for, it is definitely worth buying.

Playtime: ca.  6 hours

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You’re a Wizard, Barry! – Magium

Oh, how I used to love the ‘Choose your own adventure’ (CYOA) books as a child! I had a whole shelf full of them and spent hours on end reading then, scribbling notes for myself, throwing dice, getting frustrated when dying, cheating a bit… I still have a few of these books, but rarely do I pick them up nowadays, since modern gaming has brought us all them graphics and fancy things where I don’t even have to use my imagination anymore. So when I stumbled upon Magium in the play store, I was just about to go on a short trip away from the city and as the wave of nostalgia hit me, I figured I’d give it a shot. And boy, was it worth it!

I don’t really want to spoil anything for anyone, so I will not write anything about it’s content, but trust me on this one: This ‘game’ is amazing! The writing style is not too complicated, it fits the style of the CYOA genre well, since it doesn’t spent too much time on descriptions and keeps the story fast-paced and exciting. What makes Magium special though are the characters you get to know along the story. I fell in love with each and every one of them! Not to mention the story itself. I could barely stop playing it and whenever I stopped, I was craving more instantly. Also, this ‘game’ has an insanely high replay value, since some of your choices change the story entirely. This is one of the most addicting games since anything that Bioware made (okay, not anything, but we don’t talk about Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 – that ending still haunts me).

The ‘game’ consists of several books, not all of them actually written yet, so far I’ve finished the first one which you can access for free if you can tolerate all them ads popping up during your playthrough. You can also get the available parts of book 2 for free if you complete 25 out of 35 achievements, which I might do, since I am already curious what a different playthrough would be like. If I understand it correctly, the game is still sort of in the making with new chapters and books coming out as time passes, which can be a bit discouraging for an addict like me. Still, I will most likely end up buying the game, because it is more than worth its price (which is approximately 3 Euros currently).

I’d say this game is a must for every CYOA fan out there.

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